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Why start Mize Network ?

Mize Network is a crypto MLM company registered in Seville, Spain.
Mize has launched its first product PowerNodes, a UNIQUE POW & POS mining package priced at €100.
For each PowerNodes pack you buy, you are assigned a mining slot in the companies mining farm, your masternodes are then added to your mining slots and your tokens staked so your Powernodes can get to work thus providing a nice Residual Earnings for you while you sleep.


Total available Tokens - 170 Millions Selling like Hot

Power Nodes ?

PowerNodes are next level Mining.. Once finished you will never get any more First of all plz Read this Great article click here

Our Club

We are committed to create excellent long-term financial results, integrating sustainability in our business strategy, while we share these results with our consultants and clients.

Our Business

We are creating a business platform related to the cryptocurrency world, that allows our consultants and clients to access last generation products and services.

Our Products
Our innovative products and services have been developed according to the requirements of the cryptocurrency markets.






Active & Passive Income

The activity of POWERNODES is focused on creating the best form of investment and performance of cryptocurrencies, counting for such with the most advanced technology and systems.

Share and win with our COMPENSATION PLAN

BINARY BONUS 10% of the weakest leg points. Points from the strongest leg are passed onto the next day. - DIRECT SALE 5% of the packages purchased by each user directly sponsored.
MATCHING BONUS (up to 25%)
5% 1st Level
5% 2nd Level
5% 3rd Level
5% 4th Level
5% 5th Level
RESIDUAL BONUS (repurchase up to 18%)
3% 1st Level 3% 2nd Level
3% 3rd Level
2% 4th Level
2% 5th Level
2% 6th Level
1% 7th Level
1% 8th Level
1% 9th Level
Mize Network is an international company that was born from the union of a financial holding and a group of managers, developers and networking experts. The company has been created to commercialize products related to cryptocurrency, supporting the legal and financial security provided by the holding. Our international structure are located in Singapore, London and Madrid.

Mize Network | Opening Mize Office in Seville

Mize Network Scam ?

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Frequently Asked Question

Members can have unlimited Powernode packs with tokens until we reach the 170 Million token Cap maximum.

Yes this qualifies new members into the binary without any extra costs.

Yes each person owning Powernodes will see more information in their backoffice shortly.

Mize is a real company with real technical products. The time to setup the power, buy the tokens, purchase more machines, adjust the mining settings. Protections and security means- Activation will take 30 days before you to start earning daily.

No your daily payments will always be paid out as btc payments

We hope now we have answered many of your questions and will continue to provide more information.

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